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Here we go!

TAGGED BY: :iconns-dark-side:


1. Everyone must post these rules.

2. Legitimately tag 10 Deviants - Don't auto-tag any readers or do tagbacks.

3. State 5 facts about yourself.

4. Answer my 10 questions and follow up with 10 questions for your victims.

5. This MUST be in a Journal entry. Comments don't cut it.

My five facts:

1. I play the violin

2. I'm a terrible procrastinator. And very lazy.

3. I hate tomatoes

4. I have superpowers. Haha just kidding. I took karate for a year and reached orange-belt level.

5. I'm a fast reader.


Hmm... I'd have to say pegasi! Because wings are cool!

2. List your top three characters from shows, video games, movies, ect.
Oh man this is hard!!! Um................. Wow there are so many great characters but I guess I'm going to have to say Elsa (Frozen) Loki (Avengers) and the protagonist from Pokemon Dark Rising (Hack Game) (I'm probably thinking of those because those are the most recent things I've watched/played but oh well)

3. If you could possess one power, what would it be? 
Time manipulation... freezing/rewinding time, basically. For example, I'm in class and I forgot to do my homework, I just freeze time and do it. Or if I accidentally say something stupid, I just rewind time and say something less stupid.
(It would have many many many other uses as well, of course)

4. What do you spend your most time doing?
Procrastinating homework by splicing, playing or hacking (or occasionally watching) pokemon. 

5. If you were on youtube, what would you search?

People falling down.

6. Was your favorite candy?
Well I really like fruity/sour stuff right now I'm gonna say sour punch straws... or maybe tootie fruities....

7. Coolest pokemon team? (Team rocket, team magma, team aqua, team galactic, team plasma, team flare and if you don’t play pokemon, which team name sounds the coolest)
Um to be honest I think Team Rocket is the best :D

8. What are you obsessed with right now?
Lots of things. Mostly Marvel, and Pokemon (well maybe nintendo in general), and Frozen a bit .

9. Is there anything you have done in your past that you regret? If so, what was it?
Ohh lots of things. Mostly stupid/clumsy things I accidentally say/do. And just about every night I regret not doing my homework earlier.

10. Fav color and why
Well I'm really drawn to neon colors. Neon pink is my favorite but lime green is a close second. And icy/neon blue.

My questions:

1. Favorite bands/singers
2. If you could be any character/creature from any video game, which would you be?
3. Earliest memory?
4. What is the most recent dream you had that you can remember?
5. If you could live in any fictional world, which one would you live in?
6. Diet or regular (soda- coke, pepsi, etc.)
7. Do you think you would have a chance at winning the hunger games?
8. Have any books/movies/shows (or even video games) ever made you cry?
9. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
10. Favorite animal

My 10 tags:
:icondarkabsol-cursed: :icon0askbluestar0: :iconmatthewfrostpaws: :iconmikrox:

Um heheheheh I feel reeaally bad but I don't actually know very many people on here XD sorry I feel bad for breaking the rules but uh yeah. I hope I'm not cursed or anything. 


auroraborealisrox's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
Love to draw <3 I also LOVE photography! :squee: I mostly do photography, but I often do drawings too, including computer generated art (like with paint). :happybounce: Thanks for visiting my page, and if you like my stuffz, be sure to watch me! :thanks:
A little bit about me:
Name: Aurora
Favorite Color: Pink
Pets: A kitty kat named Wynter Myst
Favorite Animal: Any sort of cat (tigers, lions, house-cats, leopards, ocelots, margays, etc.)
Favorite Foods: Mexican food (tacos/taquitos) and sugary foods (poptarts)
Age: 13
Habitat: United States
Loves: Bright colors, photography, kitty kats, Pinterest, writing, drawing, vacations, dessert, sleeping and Christmas.
Hates: Homework, waking up at 6:30 in the morning, when my phone or iPod dies and when my laptop power cord isn't long enough to reach the outlet from where I'm sitting.
Feel free to ask me any questions/make requests!

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Ns-Dark-Side Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist
Can't believe i never watched you, your fusions are epiiiiic owo
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thank you :D
Ns-Dark-Side Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist
ty for the watch and all the favs, it means a lot ;3
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You're welcome :D
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Thank you!... Again!
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Thank you for adding my art to your collection and for the Watch, mate! Satisfied 
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